The modern information technologies and «Stewart Inspection LLC» advanced computer system allows clients to receive the comprehensive information on results of inspections in due time. Through an internet, Clients have an instant access to the information in a mode of real time. Traffic department coordinates all inspection and analytical activities, communicates with the client.
Our highly qualified personnel are oriented to provide clients with quality services. During performance of inspections CLIENT’s receive:
• Individual identification number,
• Confirmation and details of the inspection,
• Regular daily reports,
• Samples delivery tracking system,
• Conduct additional research and test, if necessary or required,
• Immediate information about the final results,
• Provide necessary shipping documents,
• Issuance of certificates of quality, quantity, and research reports,
• A full-scale investigation of all identified non-compliances.

The resulting document of «Stewart Inspection LLC» performance is comprehensive Survey Report representing maximum information on a qualitative condition of a material, and also all actions executed with the goods at all and every stage of transportation, storage and handling operations, sampling and tests. It is delivered to CLIENT’s in the required format and accompanied with supporting documents, tests results, evidences which make it powerful and efficient to all.