Container’s lading / unlading inspection

Through access directly to each package, a high productivity and maximum efficiency of this Inspection.

During INSPECTION of lading/ unlading the containers, the following services offered:

• inspection (visual observation) of containers conditions, its compliance to sea carriage and suitability for specific cargo transportation;
• inspection of goods condition upon lading to/ unlading from container any statement of any damages observed and/ or occurred during handling operations;
• tally and weighing, if required;
• monitoring any additional work performed with defected or damaged goods on alignment with packaging requirements for further transportation;
• monitoring of lading/ unlading processes, including verification of compliance with technological schemes, general rules and special requirements applied to handling operations, damages statement;
• inspection and control over the stowage and lashing the goods inside.

In addition to standard set, the following can be arranged:

• additional marking or other methods of clear identification of the goods;
• segregation or consolidation of the goods by lots or required specifications;
• strapping, packaging repairs;
• measurement of background radiation;
• weighing;
• sampling and sample preparation for chemical analyses;
• sealing/ unsealing;
• measurement/ temperature control for refrigerated cargo;
• damage definition and damage cause.