Inspection during loading/ handling operations (Loading supervision)

Statistically, this INSPECTION is the most demanded by all: shippers, carriers and receivers of the goods. Such circumstance is logical due at this stage of transportation occurs a transition of the property rights. Therefore, information on a qualitative condition of the goods becomes crucial and base factor of financial calculations, definitions of the responsibility and many other aspects of regulation of mutual relations between trading parties.

Depending on CLIENT’s requirements and tasks to achieve, during LOADING SUPERVISION the following service are performed:

• inspection (visual check of conditions) of vessels’ holds prior to loading, its readiness to receive and carriage of the goods;
• hatch cover inspection and water tightness test, if required;
• cargo superintendent services, including preparations of cargo-stowage plan, lashing and securing settlement for safe sailing and goods delivery, 24 hours loading operations monitoring/ control;
• inspection of goods qualitative conditions upon loading on board;
• tally;
• draught survey to determine bulk cargoes quantity loaded;
• statement of any additional work performed with defected or damaged goods in order to insure its packaging suitable for further transportation by sea;
• monitoring of loading process, including verification of compliance with technological schemes, general rules and special requirements applied to handling operations, damages statement;
• inspection of stowage and securing/ lashing of the goods on board the ship;
• inspection and control over the compliance of equipment used for loading, separation and fastening materials.

In addition to standard set, the following can be arranged:

• documents audit;
• additional marking or other methods of clear identification of the goods;
• control of goods repackaging, repairs, segregation or consolidation;
• weighing;
• measurement of background radiation;
• sampling and samples preparation for chemical analysis;
• sealing;
• strapping;
• measurement/ temperature control for refrigerated cargo.