Storage/ warehouse inspection (Pre-shipment)

The PRE-SHIPMENT INSPECTION usually performed from 7 to 10 days before the scheduled shipment, the thoroughness of Inspection and detailed description of a qualitative condition of the goods. Also, the procedure of PRE-SHIPMENT INSPECTION includes detailed survey of the warehouse areas, observance of technologies and quality of material storage in general.
Availability of results in advance to scheduled shipment date, provide extra opportunity to acknowledge and CLIENT has sufficient time to reveal or reject the damaged material and/or to replace same with other goods or organize repairs, if possible.

As results, the PRE-SHIPMENT INSPECTION allows predicting and coordinating arising discrepancies or claims concerning quality of the goods ahead of time and consecutively assists to prevent many other possible conflicts. The PRE-SHIPMENT INSPECTION by
«Stewart Inspection LLC» becomes the genuine tool guaranteeing delivery of the qualitative goods to the final destination.

The PRE-SHIPMENT INSPECTION consist of the following services:
• inspection of storage/ warehouse facilities;
• verification of compliance with technological schemes, general rules and special requirements applied to storage of the goods;
• inspection of goods at the stock, verification of damages occurred at storage and it’s reasons;
• inventory control;
• tally of goods at stock, and other identification of the cargo, according to warehouse documents and/or actual weighing, if ordered;
• statement of any additional work performed with defected or damaged goods in order to insure its packaging suitable for further transportation by sea.

In addition to standard set, the following can be arranged:

• documents audit;
• additional marking or other methods of clear identification of the goods;
• control of goods repackaging, repairs, segregation or consolidation;
• weighing;
• measurement of background radiation;
• sampling and samples preparation for chemical analysis;
• sealing;
• strapping;
• measurement/ temperature control for refrigerated cargo.