Inspection upon arrival to load port

«Stewart Inspection LLC» has developed more progressive approach to definition of the basic purposes for this type of INSPECTION, with wider than usual scope of standard statement of goods qualitative condition arrival to the port. Performance of this INSPECTION allows to expose the origin of damages and reasons of its occurrence during delivery of cargo. The INSPECTION implies deep revision of methods of delivery and handling of goods, exposes its positive and negative factors influencing on quality of a material at first transportation act

In the frame of Inspection on arrival to the load port, the following services provided:

• inspection of transportation means, used for delivery of the goods;
• verification of compliance with technological schemes, general rules and special requirements applied to shipping of the goods;
• inspection of goods inside the transportation means, in order to verify whether any damages occurred during delivery prior to discharge and it’s reasons;

• inspection of goods’ qualitative conditions, monitoring of discharge in compliance with technology and quality of handling operations by stevedores, statement of any detected inconsistencies and faults;
• inspection and enforcement of technology and quality of storage after unloading, correcting any detected inconsistencies;
• tally received quantity, and other identification data on arrived cargo, according to documents and/or actual weighing, if ordered;

• monitoring any additional work performed with defected or damaged goods on alignment with packaging requirements for further transportation by sea.

In addition to standard set, the following can be arranged:
• documents audit;
• additional marking or other methods of clear identification of the goods;
• control of goods repackaging, repairs, segregation or consolidation;
• weighing;
• measurement of background radiation;
• sampling and samples preparation for chemical analysis;
• sealing;
• strapping;
• measurement/ temperature control for refrigerated cargo.